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Info and advice to better use this website


Now it's possible for a user to edit and delete is own images.


Since 28/05/2018 a Watermark with user and site name is embedded in each photo uploaded.


Since 07/04/2017 a new site template as been on tests that are now completed. New features maybe introduced during the following months. Thank you for sharing your photos in this community.


New editor's choice photos and photos with more votes in the separator TOP.


Change on background color. Increased to 4 the number of top last 24 hours photos. Latest photos additions in menu "PHOTOS".


New Website separator SITEMAP. Includes all categories and arlines added with most recent updates identified by a green file.


Now it is possible for members to comment photos. You just have to click on the thumbnail to see photo in larger size. You can also edit and delete your own comments.

Guests will have to register in order to make comments.

Some earlier photos do not have the comment feature activated but if you sent us an e-mail with the photo ID it will be enabled.


If you want to see posted on allaircraft.net FACEBOOK a specific photo of your collection please tell us. 


New navigation bar and a Homepage refresh 


Use SEARCH with  asterisks (*) as a wildcard. 

For example *dublin* not *aer lingus* does not work with two separate words

For aircraft registration no need of asterisks *. For example EC-MII. But if you want to see all registrations started with EC use EC*. For that use ADVANCED SEARCH.

For example in CATEGORY write *Air Canada* and all photos from this airline will be displayed.

Or *canada* and all airlines and respective photos from Canada in database will be displayed. 


To avoid uploading the same photo twice use SEARCH and enter the registration to see if photo is already in database. Duplicate photos will be deleted. 


Now on mouse over images it is possible to see photo information. 


Editing information on own photos is possible by clicking on photo to see it larger, then on top left corner of photo a [Edit] link can be found. 


See how many photos are in queue to be validated with the 'PHOTOS IN QUEUE' link in Navbar.